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Preparations before coming to study in China:


Physical Examination:

    Foreign students’ families can apply for visas by accepting the school's invitation letter. When coming to China, students must go to the Health and Quarantine Department to deal with the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners and then have it confirmed in a certain time. Those who can’t provide the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners must have physical examination at the local Health and Quarantine Department. And those who are diagnosed to suffer the diseases that are forbidden in law in China should stay away with Chinese border and immediately go back to their own homeland. All the expenses should be on the applicants.



    Learners who undertake expenses by themselves to China should have medical and accidental insurance. You can have your insurance in your countries or in China.



    The applicants should apply for the accommodation. In China, dormitories for foreign students are generally built with free facilities in the university. As the types of dorms are various, prices of dorms are much different. And applying for accommodation ahead of time is a must. If you want to live with your families in China, you should let the university know, or you will deal with it on your own. If foreign students are allowed to live out of the university, all should be registered at the local police office in 24 hours.


Prepare for the enough tuition:

  Tuition is generally paid per year. According to the provisions of the relevant laws in China, foreign students can’t work during the stay in China. And opportunities for working while studying are relatively less. For self-financed students, please make good preparations on all the expenses to study in China.