Welcome to OICE!

Time for applicants to study will last for half a year or a year. We have two semesters, one is spring semester and the other is autumn semester. And spring semester starts from March 1st per year while autumn semester starts from September 1st per year. (The exact time is based on the calendar of our university)

For students without scholarship:

1. Application

The applicants must apply for it ahead of a month. Also, the applicants should provide a learning application form from China, which can be downloaded from the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation. Other materials include health certificate, six photographs, recommendation, certificate of bank deposits, insurance certificate(be purchased in China) and attached photo copies of passport and academic credentials.

2. Registration

The applicants should come to the university to have registrations by admission notice and then do with some relevant registrations.

Students from foreign countries can live out of the university if it is allowed, but some registrations should be done in the police office at the arrival of Guiyang in 24 hours.

3. Enrollment

The applicants should register at the corresponding schools by payment receipts. There will be at least 20 hours of teaching every week. More detailed plans will be made with reference to teaching plans for credential students.



Tuition fee

RMB each year/per personYuan




Fine Arts/P.E













 General Scholar




Senior Scholar




Language Student



(RMB per month/per person) Yuan

Single Room



      Registation fee: 500 Yuan