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     In order to improve students’ learning of foreign language, create a good foreign language learning environment, our school began to recruit foreign language teachers for English major students since earlier 1970s. We successively recruited more than 80 teachers who came from Britain, America, Australia, Japan, Jamaica and so on. By now, our teaching has expended to oral English of non-English and travel English of International Tourism Culture College from unitary oral English and English writing class of English major students. Meanwhile, with the development of our university, Japanese teachers were recruited to satisfy the demands of Japanese major students. Some Korean teachers were recruited for meeting the needs of learning second foreign language in 2009. Besides students, the school teachers who cooperated with the foreign language teachers are also greatly benefited.

   In recruitment we are looking for outstanding teachers according to the demands of the units which need to recruit the foreign language teachers, be stringent to recruit the teachers who have rich experiences in teaching with pure pronunciation. As for the department which has received resumes, complete the application of recruitment after received relative information, import projects actively to save recruitment expenditure. Strengthen the connection among colleges and units in management and help the foreign teachers in daily life etc.. Enhance the communication with departments at all level outside the school, implement relative national laws and try hard to provide a good work environment for foreign teachers. The specialist in the office is responsible for foreign teachers’ recruitment, information submission, daily management and the management and maintenance of their houses; and shall cooperate with teaching departments to flight teaching management, collect and sort out the information of their teaching performance.  


1. Abide by the laws of the People’s Republic of ...