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Application for Appointment

Requirements for foreign teachers

1. Own the bachelor’s degree of English, Japanese, Linguistics, ESL or relative major; master or more degree is required for other major; have strong communication skill both on written and oral.

2. Love the education career, have certain experience in teaching.

3. Between the ages of 25 to 60, healthy body, there is no history of major diseases, no criminal record and bad habits.

4. Abide by the laws of the People’s Republic of China and Guangzhou Normal University

5. Shall not conduct activities that are incompatible with you’re your status.


The Application Materials Foreign teachers shall provide

1. Application form

2. Copy of passport (Accompanying family members, if any, shall submit their copies of passport, marriage certificate and child's birth certificate identified by the country's embassy at the same time.

3. Qualification, degree certificate and copies of relevant training certificate.

4. Resume (including detailed address, means of communication both in Chinese and foreign language).

5. Copy of medical examination report.

6. Recommendation letter: If recruited from other domestic institutions or units (foreign affairs department), the copy of recommendation from original employing unit also needs to be submitted; if you are fresh graduate, you are required to submit the copy of your university’s recommendation.

7. 2 inch digital photos

8. Copy of insurance policy.

9. No criminal record certificate provided by your government.

10. Agreement

11. Enter China with work visa (Foreign teachers provide relevant formalities in advance, materials needed for work visa shall be transacted by the international exchange and cooperation.


Wage and Treatment

1. Foreign teachers’ wages will be paid in RMB per month during the contact period. Specific salary can be discussed interview.

2. Every foreign teacher will be entitled to subsidies of travel allowance 2200 yuan a year, health insurance subsidi...