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Office of International Exchange and Cooperation has three administrative officesDirector's Office, The Comprehensive Management Office and The International Exchange Office) and six staff. All staff share out the work, cooperate with one another, work side by side,unite as one and complete the regular tasks of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation together.


       Director's Office: coordinating various kinds of tasks of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, making plans and goals of director's office, completely taking charge of the task of recruiting foreign language teachers and international students for Guizhou Normal University and carrying out cooperative projects. In addition, the staff of this office investigate, study, examine as well as verify Guizhou Normal University’s projects concerning foreigners and put forward preliminary views about these projects to university authorities. Beyond that, the members of this office are required to complete other works distributed by the school party, administrative leaders and university authorities. All staff of this office surly will improve the quality of work and service by organizing the study of political theories and profession.


The Comprehensive Management Office1. Taking charge of the works of employing, submitting and daily managing foreign experts and foreign language teachers. Then helping academic unit to collect and organize the information about foreign experts’ and foreign language teachers’ teaching management as well as teaching effectiveness2.Taking charge of the works of enrolling and daily managing international students 3.Taking charge of this office’s secretarial work,  transacting university authorities’ visiting formalities  and arranging the works of receiving, presenting and handling gifts concerning foreigners as stipulated4.Taking charge of the works of clearing up Guizhou Normal University’s foreign affairs’ work memorabilia and pigeonho...