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Welcome to Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of Guizhou Normal University


    Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of Guizhou Normal University is an administrative department taking charge of our university’s foreign affairs under the governance of the school party and  administrative departments.The specific works including the works of checking as well as consulting the   university’s policies on foreign affairs,external exchange ,foreign affairs management and servicing our university’s students and faculties.

In the past few yearsOffice of International Exchange and Cooperation has received over three hundred visiting groups, specialists and scholars, transacted oversea further education and visits for over a hundred people, employed over fifty foreign language teachers and enrolled over seventy overseas students as well as exchange students. We have done a fairly good job in positively servicing all the students and faculties. Meanwhile, we positively enhance the connection between our university and foreign institutions or universities, and we have established friendly and cooperative relations with foreign universities. And now we are still endeavor to widen the scope of international cooperation.Data statistics ends in August 31, 2010.

Works in Office of International Exchange and Cooperation mainly concern foreign language teachers,foreign experts, international students, visits abroad on business ,receiving foreign visitors ,international exchanges and cooperation and office administrative affairs. Our specific duties are presented as the follows

1、Implementing foreign affair’s policies, guidelines as well as relevant regulations enacted by the party and the state and taking charge of the works of making and carrying out our university’s work plans and targets.

    2Implementing policies as well as regulations on national foreign affairs management and enhance the communication with the superior departments ...